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Case and Carton Sealing
Adhesives for Case and Carton Sealing





Reduced maintenance and downtime due to extremely thermostable adhesives.

 Average consumption decrease up to 30 % versus traditional hotmelt adhesives

Excellent cold flexibility and heat resistance. Very high adhesion.

Quality and reliability without compromise – 'Technomelt Supra'

High-quality bonding

Low complexity (wide application temperature range window reduces the number of adhesives required)

Safe working conditions

Direct food contact approval

Environmentally sustainable – due to lower consumption 



Always the Right Adhesive for Your Requirements


Technomelt Supra range :


Technomelt Supra 100

General purpose


Technomelt Supra 100 Plus

General purpose

Fast setting


Technomelt Supra 120

Fast setting and

Low viscosity


Technomelt Supra 150 Plus

High heat resistance

Hot tack


Technomelt Supra 160

Medium open time


Technomelt Supra HT 300

Deep freeze applications


Technomelt Supra HT 325

High adhesion and long open time


Technomelt Supra HT 350

High adhesion