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Glued Lap, Straight Line Gluing & Windows

Our adhesives exceed industry demands for easy-clean machining, causing virtually no build-up, and allowing clean cut-off and excellent restart recovery. They are compatible with a wide range of application equipment, including systems from Bobst, HHS, Valco, Nordson, Pafra, Leary, ITW and others.

Glued Lap                      Superlok 257
Used for bonding the sides of corrugated containers. Application methods include non-contact extrusion, contact extrusion and wheel systems. Suitable for wheel, contact extrusion and non-contact extrusion application equipment. These products offer excellent wet tack, fast speed of set and good water resistance to help your line run at optimum speed.

Typical Properties
 High tack, fast set spped, and medium openn time

F&DA Status
The ingredients of SUPER-LOK 257 meet the compositional requirements of the American Food and Drug Administration regulations 21 CFR 175.105.
  • Fast setting speed.
  • Increased bond security.
  • High penetration
  • Excellent adhesion to difficult liners.
  • High tack.
  • Holds down "springy" boards.
Application Guide
Suitable for wheel, roller, stencil or extrusion applicators. Clean up with water. 
Straight Line Gluing                 Superlok 260
Wet Tack:
Very high
Open Time:
Set Speed:
Versatile adhesion:
Includes treated polyethylene, difficult varnishes and clay coated boards.
Features Benefits
  • Very high wet tack.
  • Versatile adhesion.
  • Holds down springy boards.
  • No need to change the adhesive for difficult jobs.
  • Noted for its bonds to clay coated boards.
  • Used in microwaveable food applications.
Application Guide
Apply by wheel, roller and stencil applicators. Not suitable for some nozzle and pen applicators, where a lower viscosity version is required (available on request).Can be readily cleaned up with water. 
Windowing                      Envafilm 910
Typical Applications
  • Carton Windowing
  • Envelope Windowing
  • Envelope back seam
F & DA Status
The ingredients of ENVAFILM 910 meet the compositional requirements of the American Food and Drug Administration regulations 21 CFR 175.105.
Features Benefits
  • Excellent pump/pot stability
  • High Tack
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Very clean running
  • Reduced down-time
  • Accurate windowing at high speed
  • Suitable for wide range of paper and film stocks
  • Minimal splash
Application Guide
Apply by roller, stencil or extrusion applicator, setting coating weight to a minimum to give required result. Particularly suitable for high speed Winkler & Dunnebier machines.Clean up using cold water.