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Our objective is to be the first choice partner for companies using adhesives in their production processes...

To support this objective, we offer products at the cutting edge of technology, provide peerless technical advice and support, and offer training and performance audits to assist in minimizing downtime and maximizing production efficiencies.

A complete Range
Our products are found everywhere, sealing the cartons of food we buy in the supermarket, labelling the bottles we drink, bonding the furniture we sit on, sealing the envelopes we send, holding the pages together in the books and magazines we read, and literally putting the ‘seal of approval’ on a host of other items we see and use everyday.
Our technology range includes pva water based products, caseins, synthetics, advanced eva hot melts, rubber based pressure sensitives and new generation moisture curing polyurethanes.

A complete Solution
We work closely with the key suppliers of machinery and substrates in order to be able to keep our customers supplied not only with the right adhesive at the right price, but the right advice on how to get the best from your operation.

A complete Service

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