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Groundbreaking SAFECLEAN 3 Adhesive cleaner


Adhesive cleaner 


 The safe alternative for cleaning hot melt and tape


What is ‘Safeclean 3’ ?

A unique and safe solvent cleaner and degreaser formulated from synthesised mineral oil and derivatives of orange oils.

It is biodegradeable and environmentally friendly.


What ‘Safeclean 3’ does.

It replaces chlorinated and paraffin based solvents in most applications thus offering a safer alternative for effective hot melt cleaning and parts degreasing. It aggressively softens and loosens hot melt residue for easy removal after just a few minutes.


Where to use  ‘Safeclean 3’.

As a heavy duty cleaner for removing mineral oil based products such as adhesive and adhesive tape..  It will remove adhesives, waxes, tar, grease, carbon, bitumen uncured paint and varnish and also oil based inks. ‘Safeclean 3’  is designed for cleaning machine parts such as nozzles, spray heads, filters, guides, ploughs, conveyer belts, other metal and plastic machine parts, the outside of hot melt tanks etc.


It can also remove asphalt, creosote, chewing gum, silicone sealant and other mastics.  It is ideal for cleaning oil spills off hard surfaces, parts washing, tank cleaning, motor cleaning and removal of graffiti.


 ‘Safeclean 3’ will not damage most surfaces.  It is completely safe on all metals, composites, plastics, ceramics, acrylics, concrete, brick, stone, glass, wood & painted surfaces.  It will not affect any cured resins and is safe on most fabrics.  Care should be taken when using on silk and leather and some rubbers: vulcanised rubber is unaffected. 


How to use  ‘Safeclean 3’.

‘Safeclean 3’ can only be used neat and should always be used cold.

It can be used to soak machine parts (filters, nozzles, guns etc.) at ambient temperature.  In most cases one hour soaking will suffice, but really dirty parts can be soaked overnight.


It can be sprayed or brushed onto parts of machines which are tainted by hot melt (Perspex guards, metal parts, nozzles, etc). Leave to penetrate for 10 minutes.

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