Adhesive Solutions

Hot Melt – EVA Adhesive

The world’s first 95c hot melt packaging adhesive, effective versatile & durable

Supra Hot Melt – mPO

Advanced and sustainable hot melt adhesive. Ultra clean running – use 40% less

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Peelable and permanent, high adhesion combined with flexibility

Water Based Adhesive

Low migration liquid adhesives for labelling and converting, Aquence high performance

Polyurethane – PUR Adhesive

Reactive hot melt with outstanding stability and bond strength, unique, high performance

Hot Melt Sticks & Glue Guns

Adhesive sticks & glue guns for industrial use, thermoplastic adhesive for hot glue guns

Here at Interlock Adhesives we provide specialist adhesive solutions for a wide variety of applications, and we know that each application is different. That’s why we provide an extensive range of hotmelt, water based, pressure sensitive (PSA) and Polyurethane (PUR) adhesives. With many grades available on a next day or same day service if your requirements are urgent and with our technical support, we’re confident we can support you whatever your application.

EVA Hotmelt

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) adhesives are one of the most common forms of hotmelt adhesive solutions used. They are polymer-based hotmelts that are thermoplastic, meaning they are firm at room temperature but turn to a liquid state when heated. This type of adhesive solution doesn’t use water or solvents to cure the adhesive, giving them a really fast set time. EVA technology can bond to variety of substrates from boxes to books!

Supra Hotmelt

Our Supra range of adhesive solutions are the most advanced on the market. Using polyolefin polymers, these adhesives provide many significant benefits over EVA adhesives. This includes longer mileage and self cleaning properties. They have a fast set time and can be applied at temperatures as low as 100°C, thus reducing energy consumption and increasing the safety of your operators. We even have a carbon negative option!

Pressure Sensitives

Our range of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) are extremely versatile and are typically used where the bond needs to be flexible and cope with movement of the bond. The three main uses for our pressure sensitive glue include bookbinding, pallet stabilisation and labelling. We also have PetCycle and low temperature options available to improve your application.

Water Based

This range of adhesive is a cold glue that can be used on a range of substrates such as plastics, paper, glass, metallic films and even synthetic textiles. Water based adhesives form bonds when the water inside evaporates and are better for short term use such as paper straws and paper converting. Our range covers everything from folder gluing to graphic arts.

Polyurethane (PUR)

PUR adhesives offer outstanding adhesion to a wide range of materials. Unlike traditional hotmelt adhesives, PUR uses moisture to cure. This creates a very strong bond and the adhesive cannot be reactivated. Our best in class bookbinding PUR’s and second to none and provide consistency and an amazing bond. We also have micro emission PUR options that have almost zero isocyanates for extra safety.

Hotmelt Sticks and Guns

Our vast range of adhesive solutions also include the supply of glue guns and glue sticks in 12mm and 15mm diameters. Our glue guns and sticks are perfect for bespoke projects and point of sale applications and provide durable bonds and precise application. We even have a tank gun available to give the option of using granulated adhesive.

Paper Wrapping

Commonly used in E-Commerce, home mailers and magazines and catalogues, we offer a many adhesive grades for paper wrapping, in either a permanent or peelable solution.

Pallet Stabilisation

This is a contemporary solution to help reduce single-use plastics and improve pallet stability. This is achieved by stacking goods using a small amount of pressure-sensitive adhesive on the outer packaging, securing everything together as one whole unit. The individual goods can be removed as required, as the bond is strong enough to keep the unit stable without compromising the structural integrity. The cost savings are the best bit with return on investment as low as 6 months!

E-Commerce and Order Fulfilment

With more shopping online than ever its key you have the right solution for your operation. From paper wrapping to case sealing, our experts can help you to find the right adhesive for your order fulfilment projects.

Contract Packing

We can help you and your customer to achieve their packaging requirements. With our immense product ranges, we can also supply adhesives for bonding difficult substrates such as MetPol and UV-Varnished boards. Our specialties include case and carton sealing, specialist packaging, bespoke projects and more!

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