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PUR bookbinding glue
Water based adhesives for labelling on bottles
Water based adhesives for labelling in production

Labelling Adhesive

Our Aquence cold glues are engineered to work efficiently with glass and other surfaces to give you a high performance water based adhesive that is casein-free. Other features include ice water resistance, hyper condensation, petcycle approval and innovative dispensing technologies. Suitable for labelling glass bottles and jars, multi-way containers and aluminium foil.


Water based adhesives for labelling

Bookbinding Adhesive

We realise that water based adhesives are key to the bookbinding process and finding the right products for you can be challenging. That’s why we have created a range of water based adhesives for all stages of the graphic arts production process. Including endpapering, spine and side gluing, backlining, headbanding, core making/wrapping, casing-in and any add ons such as CDs or free gifts. Contact us today to see how we can help you.


Water based adhesives for bookbinding

Paper Converting

With many types of folding boxes, bags, pouches, corrugated cardboard and envelopes coming in all different shapes, sizes and substrates you need a range of adhesives to cover this vast array of packaging. We offer a wide range of Aquence water based adhesives with advanced features such as our low migration ranges which contain no plasticisers making them the perfect cold glue for using in packaging that comes into contact with food without compromising on bond strength.


Water based adhesives for paper converting

Paper Straws

The global effort to reduce plastic use, especially single use plastics, has seen many countries ban the use of plastic straws. Paper straws have become the go to replacement product and these are produced by winding 3 strips of paper together coated with a small amount of water based adhesive. Our range of Aquence ST adhesives are perfect for the application and are fully food safe and proved the best water resistance meaning that straws will last in liquid longer.


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