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PUR Adhesives

Bookbinding PUR adhesives on hardcover books
Bookbinding in production with PUR adhesives
Bookbinding PUR adhesives, book gluing in production

Bookbinding PUR Adhesives 

Our range of Technomelt PUR adhesives reactive hot melts are formulated using patented technology. This unique technology allows the highest level of performance with the minimum of MDI, maximising the safety of the operators. The high performance level ensures fast curing and page strength development on all types of paper. Technomelt PUR adhesives are proven for both slot coater and open pot systems.

The pot-life of PUR has been tailored to suit open pot applicators. It has an eight-hour pot life making it ideal for both single and multi shift production. It has excellent flow in the application tank and minimal build up on the spinner. Once the adhesive has cured, the film is easy to peel away from the coated tank surface.

Technomelt PUR can also be used in slot coating applicators. PUR combines incredible adhesion with outstanding spine flexibility. The excellent wet-out at all production speeds ensures that PUR achieves very high page pull strengths on a wide range of papers. The excellent lay-flat characteristics and the clear colour that appears invisible on the book, add to the overall quality of the publication. In addition, due to its high heat, cold and ink solvent resistance, books keep their looks and age well.

Adhesive operator using bookbinding adhesive in a production facility

Micro Emissions (ME) PUR Adhesives

Traditional PUR Adhesive Hot Melts contain monomeric isocyanates up to 5%, these can potentially irritate respiratory organs, eyes and skin, triggers allergies and carry a hazard warning reference. Henkel have developed a ground breaking PUR which contains almost zero monomeric isocyanates and carries no CLP references. This enables open pot PUR systems to be used in areas that have previously lacked the required ventilation.

Packaging PUR Adhesives

Technomelt 475A

Moisture curing reactive hot melt for clear plastic applications providing excellent adhesion, transparency, resistance to bubble formation and UV Light. 

  • Clear: Technomelt 475A exhibits excellent transparency, vital in the production of high quality clear plastic packaging. Technomelt 475A  has demonstrated very good resistance to the formation of bubbles which can affect the appearance of the final bond and therefore the end-user quality.
  • Anti-colourisation: Technomelt 475A displays excellent resistance to yellowing even under strong UV light.
  • Versatile: Technomelt 475A offers proven adhesion to all films used in the production of clear packaging; PET, PVC, PP and PE.
  • Low temperature: With an application temperature of only 120°C this minimises the possibility of viscosity instability and ensures that a consistent application and bond performance is achieved.

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