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Adhesives vs Tape

Here we compare adhesives vs. tape for your packaging needs

When it comes to securing your packages, hot melt adhesives stand out as a superior choice. In this comparison, we shed light on the various advantages that hot melt adhesives offer over traditional tape options, guiding you towards making the right choice for your packaging needs.

Hot melt adhesives have become the preferred option for many packaging applications. From their exceptional bonding strength, versatility across different materials, and faster application to their eco-friendly nature, resistance to environmental factors, and clean aesthetics – hot melt adhesives tick all the boxes for efficient and sustainable packaging.

Hot melt adhesives offer several advantages over tape when it comes to packaging solutions. Here are some reasons why you might choose hot melt adhesives:

Stronger Bond
Faster Application
Resistance to Environmental Factors
Clean Aesthetics

Hot melt adhesives provide a stronger bond compared to tape. They have excellent adhesion properties and create a secure, long-lasting bond between surfaces. This is particularly beneficial for heavy or bulky items that require extra strength during shipping and handling.

Hot melt adhesives can bond to a wide range of materials, including cardboard, paper, plastic, and even certain metals. This versatility allows you to use hot melt adhesives for various packaging applications, making them suitable for different packaging materials and shapes.

Applying hot melt adhesives is generally faster than using tape. Hot melt adhesives are typically applied with a hot glue gun or an automated adhesive application system, which allows for quick and efficient bonding. This can increase productivity and streamline your packaging process.

Hot melt adhesives do not require any backers/carriers to attach the adhesive to, a lot of these backers are made from unrecyclable plastic film and many paper alternatives require reinforcing. This can make tape very difficult to recycle and in some cases compromises the recycling properties of the primary packaging. Hot melt adhesives do not require backers which not only reduces cost but also is better sustainability wise as there is less waste.

Hot melt adhesives offer better resistance to environmental factors such as temperature changes, moisture, and humidity compared to tape. They maintain their adhesive properties even in challenging conditions, ensuring that your packages stay securely sealed during transit and storage.

Hot melt adhesives provide a clean and professional appearance to your packaging. Once applied, they form a seamless bond without visible tape lines, giving your packages a neat and presentable look. This can enhance the overall presentation of your products and contribute to a positive customer experience.

While hot melt adhesives may require an initial investment in equipment, they can be more cost-effective in the long run. Hot melt adhesives typically have a lower cost per application compared to tape, and they also require less material for a secure bond. Additionally, their strong bonding properties reduce the risk of product damage or loss, potentially saving you money on returns or replacements.

At Interlock Adhesives, we believe in providing comprehensive guidance to help you make informed decisions for your business. To delve deeper into the advantages of converting from tape to hot melt adhesives, visit our converting from tape page. Upgrade your packaging game today and experience the many benefits of hot melt adhesives for your shipping needs.

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