Difficult Substrates

With ever increasing demand for attractive packaging, the pressure on adhesive performance has also intensified. We have many options to help with difficult applications and substrates to ensure you achieve the best bond possible for your application. Our in-house testing laboratory can even conduct tests on your materials to help guide you to the perfect solution.


Metallised Surfaces


Metpol (metallised polyester) Board in a very difficult substrate to work with and bond. We have developed a product called Technomelt 912 which is designed to bond difficult surfaces, particularly film laminated board such as Metpol. A typical application would be to seal toothpaste cartons. Technomelt 912 is food safe, deep freeze compatible and can also be used in application of bonnets to Tetra Briks for multi-packing.


Varnished Surfaces

Varnished areas have historically been a very difficult surface to achieve any kind of bond with and with many different varnishes and the potential for printing mistakes we have developed a unique product to solve these issues called Technomelt X-10.  Technomelt X-10 adhesive technology has unrivalled adhesion to Acrylic and UV varnishes and excellent machine performance.

Producing varnish blanks creates extra work and cost in the packaging and converting industries. In the many stages taken to produce a finished carton, ensuring the gluing areas are left unvarnished is critical if the packed carton is to survive in the hands of the consumer.

The cost of producing cartons with varnish blanks can be huge,  and the cost of “putting right” the mistake of incorrectly varnishing these areas can be eliminated. The Converter and Packing companies will never be in the situation of having cartons to pack that cannot be glued. In addition, Technomelt X-10 is clean running which improves jetting on case and carton machines.

Over 2000 bonding tests were used in the development of Technomelt X-10 and with the close co-operation of key varnish manufacturers, Technomelt X-10 has proven performance on over forty varnishes, down to a surface energy level of 28 dynes/cm. Secure bonds are maintained in deep freeze and chilled conditions and on cartons exported to hot climates.

No matter what product is being packed, the unique performance of Technomelt X-10 technology simplifies the production process and ensures pack security at temperature extremes.


Plastic Packaging

We have developed moisture curing reactive polyurethane (PUR) hot melt for clear plastic applications with excellent adhesion, transparency, resistance to bubble formation and UV light

Technomelt PUR 475A exhibits excellent transparency, vital in the production of high quality clear plastic packaging. This product has demonstrated very good resistance to the formation of bubbles which can affect the appearance of the final bond and therefore the end-user quality.

Technomelt PUR displays excellent resistance to yellowing even under strong UV light and offers proven adhesion to all films used in the production of clear packaging; PET, PVC, PP and PE.