Hot Melt - EVA

Our wide range of advanced Technomelt EVA based hot melts covers many applications. We have developed EVA adhesives that can run at incredibly low temperatures (down to 95°C) which can lower energy costs by up to 40%, and bond to some of the most difficult substrates in the market today.

At Interlock Adhesives we have the experience and expertise to save you time and money in all areas of your production process in addition to helping you provide a safe environment for operators. Contact us today with your requirements and we will be able to help you.


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 Benefits of using Technomelt hot melt:

  • Market leading temperatures starting at just 95°c
  • Clean running which leads to fewer production stoppages and downtime
  • Faster melting in your tank
  • Improved health and safety for operators
  • Lower maintenance and energy costs
  • Stable viscosity
  • No discolouration or skin formation


We understand the demands of modern packaging and the pressure that puts on production. Our range of adhesives has been developed to cope with these demands and provide you with the best possible bond on even the most challenging substrates.


Typical Substrates:

  • Recycled board                                           
  • Solid board
  • Virgin                                                        
  • Simcote
  • Incada                                                       
  • UV Varnished
  • Corrugated board                                       
  • Poly coated
  • Metpol (Metallised Polyester)



Our EVA based hot melts are designed to adapt to your application to allow maximum flexibility for your production process. Interlock Adhesives Technomelt hot melt EVA glues are clean running and can run at cooler temperatures meaning fewer line stoppages and improved operator safety. 


Typical Applications:

  • Carton sealing                                             
  • Case erection   
  • Bookbinding                                               
  • Straw attachment
  • Packaging                                                    
  • Pallet stabilisation
  • Box on demand                                           
  • Order fulfilment
  • Graphic Arts



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