Pressure Sensitives

Pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) contain rubber which allows high adhesion combined with flexibility. They provide a less brittle bond, and can allow for movement. Example applications are plastic bottle labelling, mattress construction and side gluing for books and magazines. At Interlock Adhesives we have the expertise to help you find the right pressure sensitive adhesive and help you reduce costs by using less and lowering application temperatures. Feel free to contact us today with any queries you may have.


Hot Melt Labelling

It is important that pressure sensitive adhesives are used for PET labelling to cope with any expansion from the product inside such as carbonated drinks. We have available a range of PSA’s which can lower your application temperatures to give you massive energy savings and improved safety.

Bookbinding Side Glue

Side glue is an integral part of the bookbinding process. It is the part of the book that comes under the most pressure and therefore requires maximum flexibility.

A rubber content aids tack so that cover is held down even before glue has fully set.

Our side glue range includes PSA’s to cope with any difficult binding projects you may have and give you piece of mind.



Pallet Stabilisation

Pallet stabilisation is the cost effective method for stacking your pallets. A thin layer of PSA is applied to the product which when stacked the adhesive acts as an anti slip agent.

Adhesive pallet stabilisation is quickly becoming the preferred method of pallet packing. There are large savings as adhesive is less expensive then plastic wrap and inter layers.


Other Uses

Other uses for PSA include:

  • Medical labelling
  • Tapes
  • Mattress construction
  • Tube winding
  • Cap wadding
  • Construction


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