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B+ Equipment / Sealed Air

carton sealing case study Technomelt

B+ Equipment and Technomelt Supra

E-Commerce Retailer fulfilling stationery orders using B+ equipment.


B+ / Sealed Air machines are very common in ecommerce packing environments, and it is important to keep them running at the optimum speed to avoid delays in fulfilment. The adhesive may be a small cog in a large machine but not having the right hotmelt adhesive can cause many issues and it is therefore vital that the right adhesive is used.


  • 2 x B+ Equipment Case Erectors
  • 1 x B+ Equipment Lidder
  • 3 x Nordson Pro Blue adhesive melters

Previous Setup:

  • EVA Adhesive
  • 180°C application temp
  • Using 6 x 20kg bags per week

Issues with charring, resulting in downtime and increased spare part spend as nozzles we blocking frequently. Also stringing was a major issue where adhesive would collect all over the machine causeing blockages and cosmetic damage to packaging.


Product: Technomelt Supra 100 Cool
Application Temperature: 100 – 110°C 

Goals Defined:

  • Reduce application temperature to increase operator safety and produce energy saving
  • Reduce adhesive consumption
  • Significantly lower downtime through clean running and eliminating stringing
  • Decrease spare part spend


  • Energy usage reduced an estimated from 1.2kW/h to 0.7kW/h per tank – a 42% reduction in energy usage
  • Usage reduction of 48% from 120kg of adhesive a week to 62.5kg
  • Improved processing properties high adhesion, clean running, low stringing, which means that bead widths can be reduced. Char eliminated
  • Lifetime of nozzles, hoses, filters etc increased. Estimated savings per tank £6,893 based on Henkel analysis completed in 2017, figure likely to be higher now
  • Health and safety benefits. Safer for operators and engineers. All equipment at reduced temperatures. No risk of severe burns. Less irritating fumes in working environment
  • After weeks of running no reported adhesive issues, downtime decreased

Final Usage Savings:

  • Total energy reduction – 1.5kW/h
  • Ongoing estimated parts and downtime saving x3 tanks – £20,681
  • Current adhesive usage reduction: 57.5kg per week / 2.99 tonnes per year


Trial was a success with adhesive performing really well and producing good fibre tear. Production issues such as stringing and blocked nozzles resulting dramatically reduced downtime. Auxiliary costs such as purchasing and logistics also reduced due to the 48% reduction in adhesive used.

Before:                                                                                                                                                       After:

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