Case Studies

Initial Situation
Application: Spout attachment on SIG machines
Adhesives: mPo in granule form
Machine: Small hotmelt tank
Goals Defined:
  • Operate at lower temperatures with higher tack
  • Reduction of char build-up
  • Lower adhesive consumption
  • Improve efficiency on SIG machines with less downtime 

Conversion Process:

September 2012  - Test started on 1 line in Erfurt

December 2012 - Decision to convert all 4 lines in Erfurt to TECHNOMELT EM COMBI 170

January 2013 - Conversion completed


  • Reduction of Downtime. No machine downtime registered in 3 years since conversion to TECHNOMELT EM COMBI 170 Shorter machine start-up time
  • Highest Efficiency with SIG Machines. Effortless and intuitive software switch to operate with the new product Perfectly coping with fluctuating machine speeds
  • Efficiency Gains. Consumption reduction of ~20% compared to the previously used adhesive Savings in energy use on heating up the adhesive and air conditioning
  • Improved Performance on a Variety of Substrates. Proven performance also on demanding applications such as aseptic filling Optimal adhesion strength build up within short time even on hot substrates



“The main goals of the adhesive change project were reduction of energy use and exclusion of the additional packaging heating process step. Both of these goals could be achieved with TECHNOMELT EM Combi 170 through lower application temperature – 170°C. We could also observe optimized bond strength of the sealed packs resulting from improved hot tack compared to previously used adhesive. Since the switch 3 years ago we have not received any claims from our customers.

The conversion process to the new adhesive was trouble-free. Henkel and SIG teams have continuously provided us with technical assistance – not only during the initial set-up phase but also any time after it. Our operators appreciate the user-friendly mini-chub packaging, fitting very well into the small hotmelt tanks and significantly shortening the melting time.

All in all, TECHNOMELT EM Combi 170 has had a very positive impact on the overall efficiency of our packaging operations."

Frank Gläßner
Team Leader at DMK Erfurt UHT-Milk

DMK Group - Improving Production Efficiency

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