Case Studies

Glass-bottle labelling at AB InBev
Aquence XP190
Initial Situation
Application: Returnable glass-bottle labelling
Adhesives: Casein based adhesives
Goals Defined:

Initial Solution:

 Initial Solution:

  • Casein based adhesives
  • Range of labelling adhesives in use across different lines in the bottling plant
  • Difficult to remove adhesive consistently for recycling

New Solution:

  •  Introduce Aquence XP 190 adhesive to all lines
  • Casein free adhesive


  • Use Aquence XP 190 on all lines in bottling plant
  • Remove price fluctuation related to casein prices
  • High ice and condensation water resistance
  • Superior washability
  • Zinc and borax-free adhesive



  • Aquence XP 190 in use on all applications and lines
  • Reduced adhesive consumption of around 20%
  • Fast reliable label removal in the wash-off process
  • Increased price stability due to being free of casein


"Applying Henkel's casein-free adhesive AQUENCE XP 190 we observed a significant performance improvement ion comparison to former casein-based adhesives. After a test phase of one year we decided to extend the application of the AQUENCE XP 190 to all our returnable bottle lines. The conversion process resulted in reduced adhesive consumption and increased productivity."

Andreas Schmidt
Packing Development Specialist at AB InBev, Europe

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