Residue Cleaners


Introducing the revolutionary Safeclean 3, the evolved Determelt 3. The safer cleaner designed to remove adhesives from packaging, labeling and bookbinding machinery. There is now a viable alternative to harmful cleaning solvents. Its highly concentrated formula aggressively softens and loosens adhesive residue for easy removal after just a few minutes.


Patent Technology

Safeclean 3 is ground breaking and uniquely safe cleaner formulated from synthesized mineral oils and derivatives of orange oils.

  • No harmful ingredients
  • Classified as non-flammable
  • Food safe
  • Biodegradable
  • Environmentally and occupationally friendly.


World Class Performance

Use as a heavy duty cleaner for safely removing adhesive, adhesive tape and other mineral oil based products.

  • Removes adhesives, waxes, tar, grease, uncured paint and varnish and also oil based inks.
  • Cleans machine parts such as nozzles, spray heads, filters, guides, ploughs, conveyor belts, other metal and plastic machine parts, the outside of hot metal tanks etc. Use ‘ Safeclean 3’ neat and cold.
  • Soak machine parts (filters, nozzles, guns, brushes, guides etc.) at ambient temperature. In most cases one hour soaking will suffice, but really dirty parts can be soaked overnight.
  • Spray, brush or wipe onto parts of machines where adhesive is present. (Perspex guards, metal parts, nozzles etc). Leave to penetrate for 10 minutes plus.
  • Excellent on bookbinding and graphic arts equipment. Cleans smears from guide rails, 3 knife trimmers etc. Also removes oil based inks. Can be used to remove adhesive tape, labels and their application equipment.


Health and Safety

  • No special requirements for disposal..
  • Safe on all metals, composites, ceramics, acrylics, stone, glass and painted surfaces.
  • Can be used in food packing and production areas.

Available in 25ltr, 5ltr and 1ltr trigger sprays. Sample sprays are available on request.


Determelt 3 cleaner is also available in 25ltr containers


Melt-O-Clean is an adhesive cleaner and degreaser produced by Henkel to tackle adhesives and grease. Melt-O-Clean can be used to clean adhesive from nosils, glue guns and machine parts. To achieve the best results simply spray on or place parts into soak, leave for an hour or so then simply wipe or scrape off adhesive.


Melt-O-Clean can also be used for removing grease, cleaning concrete, cleaning carpet, and cleaning boats and cars.

Melt-O-Clean is available in:

Box of 4x4.5ltr

Box of 12x500ml Sprays