PUR Cleaners

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Polyurethane adhesives (PUR) for some of the strongest and most reliable adhesive bonds available but this can take a heavy toll on machinery and can be difficult to clean. We have a range of cleaners and maintenance items to help keep you machines clean and running properly while minimising downtime. 

Tank cleaners:

PURmelt ME Cleaner

An oil suitable for cleaning melt tanks and hoses through recirculation. Removes cured, non cured and char residue and can be reused on a regular basis. Available in 4KG containers.

PURmelt Cleaner 2

Flushes out residues from hoses and nozzles, can be used in application equipment during extended shutdowns. Available in 25KG sacks.

PURmelt Cleaner All-in-One

A versatile cleaner in the range that will clean cured adhesive from the platen, tank as well as hoses and nozzles. Recomended for use once a year or after not using a machine for a period of time. Supplied in gel form for easy transportation. Available in 1.4KG candles and 15kg drums.

Residue cleaner:


A residue cleaner designed to remove adhesive from external areas of the machine and parts at ambient temperatures. Use on a regular basis to prevent adheisve build up. Available in 500ML sprays and 4.5KG containers.

Maintenance items:


Synthetic oil-based high-performance lubricant used on application equipment, greasing of equipment, greasing of moving parts, stamp of drum melter, sealing heated hoses and nozzles during shutdown. Available in 500G tubes.


Protects Teflon coating, non-coated surfaces can be coated to obtain an anti-adhesion effect and prevent build up of adhesive in non desirable places.