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Henkel Ecommerce End of Line Adhesive

Henkel’s range of dedicated e-commerce adhesives is second to none and is the perfect partner for your application. First what are the key Considerations when choosing E-commerce Adhesives:

  • Durability and Strength

    Look for e-commerce adhesives that offer strong bonding capabilities to withstand the rigors of shipping and handling. Your adhesive should be able to maintain its integrity even in varying temperatures and during long-distance transportation.

  • Easy Application

    Opt for e-commerce adhesives that are user-friendly and easy to apply. Efficient application saves time and effort, especially when dealing with high order volumes. Consider adhesives with user-friendly applicators or those that can be easily integrated into your existing packaging systems.

  • Compatibility with Different Surfaces

    Ensure that the adhesive you choose is compatible with various surfaces commonly used in e-commerce, such as cardboard or plastic. Adhesives that adhere well to different materials offer versatility and flexibility in packaging and labelling.
  • Environmentally Friendly Options

    As sustainability becomes increasingly important, consider eco-friendly adhesive options. Look for adhesives that are recyclable, can show a carbon saving, or made from renewable resources. Choosing environmentally conscious adhesives aligns with your brand’s values and contributes to a greener e-commerce industry.
Box Closing / Case Sealing
Paper Wrapping

Using Henkel’s vast knowledge of the case and carton sealing market Henkel’s product engineers were able to take these developments and create a concise product offering that provides the best possible solution for this application.

All our case sealing adhesives include the following features to help make savings across the adhesive process: 

  • Excellent mileage – go up to 30% further than traditional hotmelt.
  • Self-cleaning – reduces downtime, increases part life and stringing etc.
  • Reducing costs – reduce adhesive, parts and downtime costs. Changing one tank could save up to £6k over a year.

Technomelt E-COM E1 – This is our general-purpose grade perfect for most applications. Technomelt E-COM E1 has excellent performance with excellent heat stability which makes it perfect for avoiding char when your machine is not being used or standing idol.

Technomelt E-COM E2 Cool – Our low application temperature ecommerce grade lowers energy usage, increases operator safety and prolongs parts such as nozzles and hoses even further!

Technomelt E-COM G3 – For those applications and substrates that are difficult to bond, such as metpol board, we have our Technomelt E-COM G3. This high adhesion grade is also perfect for heavily recycled board or where compression due to ullage is an issue.

Focus product: Technomelt E-COM G4 ECO

With improving sustainability top of all our agendas, it’s to us and Henkel to provide a genuine advancement in this area. Following on from the success of the world’s first carbon negative hotmelt, Technomelt Supra Eco, Henkel have produced a carbon negative product for the e-commerce market which takes into account the different demands of the application.

Technomelt E-COM G4 ECO provides the excellent performance, as you would expect from Henkel, and provides a carbon negative saving of 0.44kg per kg of adhesive used. A typical hotmelt produces 3kg of carbon per kg made to the carbon savings can mount up.

This form of ecommerce packing is new to market and has its roots in the books and magazine market. Simply put goods are wrapped in paper which significantly reduces wasted space in packages, reduces material / transport costs and is easy to recycle. Machines from companies like Sitma and CMC are available and perfect for smaller items such as shoes or consumer electronics where poly-wrap would have been used in the past.

Henkel have developed two products in the new ecommerce range for use in paper wrapping. The speed of the application means that adhesives need to combine a long open time with excellent adhesion to prevent broken packages.

Technomelt E-COM E11 – Is the perfect starting grade for paper wrapping. The excellent machinability of Technomelt E-COM G10 makes it the perfect running partner for paper wrapping. Designed to work with a wide variety of substrates meaning it will bond nearly everything, included printed paper wrap.

Technomelt E-COM G10 – The most advanced paper wrapping adhesive on the market currently, excellent adhesion and it’s clear drying properties are just two of the main features. Technomelt E-COM G10 uses Henkel’s patented Easyflow® technology which is the only pressure sensitive adhesive able to be vacuum transferred straight into the adhesive application tank. This increases operator safety and melt rate of the adhesive to ensure an even smoother application amongst other benefits.

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