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Labelling Adhesive

Labelling adhesive for beer production
Labelling adhesive for beer bottles
Pressure sensitive labelling adhesive

Our advanced Technomelt hot melts and Aquence water based labelling adhesive focuses on production efficiency, sustainability and consumer experience. Our adhesives ensure reliable bonding on a wide range of surfaces, including aluminium foil and glass and for all machines and applicators. This creates an improved end user experience and an improved label appearance, whilst maintaining performance and minimising consumption. Our specialities include PET labelling, plastic container labelling, can labelling and glass labelling.

Our products include speciality adhesives to tackle ice water resistance, hyper condensation, petcycle approval and innovative dispensing technologies. Both Technomelt and Aquence adhesives are food safe and include casein free products.

Example applications::

We understand the demands of modern packaging and the pressure that puts on production. Our range of labelling adhesive has been developed to cope with these demands and provide you with the best possible bond on even the most challenging substrates.

Example applications for labelling adhesive

Hot melt labelling adhesive

Technomelt hot melt adhesives are market leading adhesives perfect for can labelling, PET labelling and plastic container labelling. Technomelt hot melts suit many needs and are suitable for e.dot and nozzle application equipment amongst other major benefits which set Technomelt hot melt adhesives apart:

Improved process:

  • Reduced application temperature
  • Low viscosity for high machine speeds
  • High adhesion for reduced material usage
  • Petcycle approved adhesives available

Lower total costs:

  • Efficiency savings due to improved mileage
  • Energy savings from reduction in application temperature

Food and drink ready:

  • Low odour, low migration potential
  • Complete food contact documentation


Technomelt EM357 is an excellent all-round hot melt labelling adhesive that works with most applications. Contact Us for more information.

Water based glass labelling adhesive

Our range of Aquence adhesives include casein free adhesives and is the first choice range of adhesives for glass labelling, giving a superb finish for paper labels, multi-way containers and aluminium foil. We have developed Aquence to deliver a range of market leading benefits to ensure you have the best possible adhesive options available to you manufacturing process.

Benefits of Aquence adhesives:

Improved process:

  • Reduced adhesive usage
  • Fast and reliable label removal
  • Super-easy cleaning
  • High thermal stability

Lower total costs:

  • Greater price stability
  • Efficiency savings due to improved mileage

Reduced complexity:

  • Wide range of applications
  • Lower number of adhesives required

Why choose Interlock Adhesives as your trusted labelling adhesive supplier?

When selecting the supplier for your labelling adhesive, Interlock Adhesives is your ideal partner to achieve packaging excellence. Our extensive expertise, unwavering commitment to innovative products, and dedication to customer-centric solutions set us apart in the labelling adhesives sector.

Here’s why you should choose us for your labelling adhesive needs:

Product performance: Our advanced Technomelt hot melts and Aquence water-based labelling adhesives are products of remarkable performance. With a focus on production efficiency, sustainability, and consumer satisfaction, our adhesives ensure impeccable bonding across a wide array of surfaces, from glass to aluminium foil, and are compatible with various machines and applicators.

Specialised solutions: We understand that each application is unique. Our range encompasses specialist solutions for challenging scenarios, from ice water resistance to hyper condensation. We have the right labelling adhesive formulation to meet your product’s unique requirements.

Comprehensive benefits: Our labelling adhesives are engineered to deliver an array of tangible benefits. Reduced adhesive usage, fast and reliable label removal, super-easy cleaning, and high thermal stability are just a few examples of the advantages you can expect with our labelling adhesives.

Expert guidance: With over 60 years of combined industry experience, our dedicated team serves as your trusted advisors. We provide unparalleled technical support and advice, ensuring that you’re equipped with the knowledge and solutions to optimise your labelling processes.

Ongoing support: Operating from our North Lincolnshire base, we offer efficient delivery options, including same-day and next-day services. From on-site training to real-time troubleshooting, our Customer Service & Technical team is readily available to address your queries and provide all the assistance that you need.

In a fast-paced packaging landscape, your choice of labelling adhesive partner profoundly impacts your success. At Interlock Adhesives, we’re not just suppliers; we’re collaborators, innovators, and enablers of your packaging success. Elevate your labelling processes today.

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