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Pallet Stabilisation

Pallet Stabilisation using adhesives provides a cost-effective and safe means of transporting goods across different locations with efficient use of space. Palletising with adhesives provides a more stable load, preventing products from moving on the pallet and therefore minimising product damage. Packaging and barcodes are not obstructed or damaged by adhesive and there is no moisture trapped which can occur with foil or film. Using adhesives in pallet stabilisation significantly reduces shrink film and interlayer costs, and the cost of disposal/recycling is minimised. With the increasing need to reduce the consumption of single-use plastics, pallet stabilisation is the perfect solution where the need for stretch film can be cut by up to 50%.

What is Pallet Stabilisation?

Pallet Stabilisation is an innovative method that is becoming increasingly popular across the food and beverage sector. It is a cost-effective packaging solution which minimises plastic shrink wrap usage helping you work towards your environmental goals.

This is achieved by stacking goods using a small amount of adhesive on the outer packaging, securing everything together as one whole unit. To prevent slipping or any movement in transit, the hotmelt adhesive can be applied to the pallet directly or a slip-sheet to ensure the entire unit is secure. Once the pallet has reached its destination, the individual pieces can then be removed as required, with all packaging intact without compromising the stability of the pallet.

Why Consider Pallet Stabilisation?

Beneficial Environmental Impact

With increasing pressure to implement and improve environmental incentives, companies are required to proactively examine and amend their packaging processes to reach their environmental targets.

Techniques that use fewer materials will likely have the greatest environmental and economic benefits. Hence why this method can be so effective, as the adhesive becomes part of the original packaging with no additional disposal or recycling needed. Even when the pallet it broken apart it remains secure without the need for using any additional materials.


  • Using 7 Interlayers
  • 0.8kg of Stretched Wrap Film needed
  • Zero Interlayers required
  • 0.2kg of Stretched Wrap Film used

Cost Reduction

Using purely stretch wrap systems can be up to 5 times more expensive than using adhesives. The cost of recycling shrink wrap material can be high and follows a vigorous process using external parties that requires time and effort to prepare. Also, if the shrink wrap has been damaged during transit or taken away to separate the pallet, it needs to be replaced which adds extra cost per unit.

The return on investment can be reached quickly through the savings made by using adhesive and reducing materials used. Here is a couple of example case to demonstrate this:

Reduction in film consumption by up to 90%

  • Palletising using film 100% 100%
  • Palletising using hotmelt adhesive 10% 10%

Reduction in material costs by up to 80%

  • Palletising using film 100% 100%
  • Palletising using hotmelt adhesive 20% 20%


This is such an important factor to every business, especially when the packaging industry can cover anything from SME’s to multinational companies, this method is adaptable and can fit to all business models.

Pallet stabilisation adhesive can be used in combination with a small amount of stretch wrap for cosmetic protection and can be applied by handgun using adhesive equipment from Nordson or Robatech. Larger fully automated solutions are also available meaning pallet stabilisation can be installed in all sizes of operations.

Improve Safety

With Pallet Stabilisation, the pallet remains secure even when individual goods have been removed. This can be a huge benefit for any products going into a store, as they can remain on the pallet while staying safe for consumers to collect their products as they shop. Also, across the supply chain it minimises risk for operators when moving good around throughout transit.

Adhesive systems offer safety features such as automatic shut-down and false trigger guarding to protect operators during production, also minimising operator interaction with equipment and reducing the risk of machine related injury.

Pallet Stabilisation is a highly successful, innovative method used across the packaging sector. With key benefits of cost cutting and reducing our plastic footprint, it is quickly becoming the forefront of sustainable packaging, allowing business to get closer to reaching their environmental targets.

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