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Paper Wrapping

Paper wrapping is rapidly becoming the industry standard for home mailers, magazines, and catalogues; and is increasingly being used in e-commerce order fulfilment ahead of polyurethane wrap. This application is an easy way to reduce single use plastics, improve sustainability and reduce overall cost. The paper used to wrap items can even be compostable if made from potato or corn starch.

Paper wrapping is a very versatile application that can be used as an alternative to packing boxes and plastic wrap, making it ideal for e-commerce, order fulfilment or contract packing applications. Machines can wrap multiple items and different sized packages at a time, eliminating the need for different sized boxes and box fillers, reducing waste and improving efficiency for a busy packing line. 


The key advantages of paper wrapping:

  • Eliminate single-use plastic
  • Paper is available from sustainable raw materials
  • Can cope with multiple/different sized items
  • Lower cost and more flexible than boxes and packaging filler 
  • High package strength to cope with postal handling
  • The wrap can be customised to stand out
  • Qualifies for Royal Mail’s Mailmark discount


As Henkel’s partner in the UK, we offer extensive adhesive grades for paper wrapping and work closely with the leading machinery producers such as Sitma and CMC to provide the right approved adhesive for each machine. This guarantees you use the right adhesive for your application. There are two categories of adhesive for paper wrapping, permanent and peelable hot melt; both offer different functionality. 

Adhesive Types:

Permanent Adhesives

This category of adhesive is designed to form a secure bond. Meaning when the bond is broken the substrate will break and can only be used once. This application style can be used on all edges of a wrapped item and is ideal for product security, high bond strength and securing heavy items such as books.

Peelable Adhesives

This application type you can peel back without breaking or compromising the substrate, allowing it to be resealed once opened. This is a more complex bond to create, as the adhesive needs to hold its shape until the end-user receives the wrapped item. Peelable adhesives are best for creating a professional finish where the wrap may need to be resealed or easy to open.

There are many different machine options available, including Sitma 1005, CMC Paper Pro and CMC JWR. See an example of the paper wrapping process below:

At Interlock Adhesives, we understand the graphic arts and ecommerce markets with decades of experience in packing adhesives. We offer first class service and quality Henkel adhesives, working to short lead times to move with the ever-changing market.

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