End of Line Packaging

End of line packaging is critical to get right so that production is not interrupted, and to ensure your customers have no cause for complaint. Our developments in hot melt have allowed us to produce some of the most advanced adhesives in the world, focused on downtime reduction, ultra clean jetting, energy consumption reduction and reduced costs. We cater for a wide range of requirements and will work with you to find your perfect solution. Contact us today.

We specialise in:

  • Case & carton sealing
  • Tray erection
  • Straw attachment
  • Specialist packaging
  • Bespoke projects
  • Promotional packing
  • Food packaging/safety
  • Hot melt sticks



We have developed the Technomelt range based on innovative raw materials, setting new benchmarks to reduce application costs, and improve bond strength, production efficiency and heath and safety. 

The Technomelt range features:

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