Order Fulfilment

We provide a range of premium adhesives for automated packing systems dedicated to order fulfilment, including bplus machines (b+ machines), Panotec machines and also for Bickers machines etc for Free Standing Display Units (FSDU), Dump Bins, display stands and Counter Top Display Units (CTDU). We also have a range of adhesives for paper wrapping machines such as Sitma ready and available.

Flexible ‘Box on demand’ machinery, and point of sale display board assembly equipment can be maximised by utilising efficient high adhesion low temperature adhesives, such as Technomelt Supra 100 Cool, which can be applied as low as 95°

Adhesives are far more cost effective than tape, and significantly higher in bond strength.

We also have a wide range water based adhesives, pressure sensitive hot melts with long open times for large assemblies and hot melt sticks for glue guns. Contact us for more information and advice regarding your application.


Industries served:

  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Industrial supplies and DIY
  • Office supplies
  • Publishing and multimedia
  • Third party logistics
  • E-commerce fulfilment
  • Returns management
  • Contract packing
  • Consumer electronics
  • Toys and gadgets

Order Fulfilment

Being able to put multiple items in one box for one order is important and can provide large logistical savings. We can provide the right adhesive for your fulfilment needs. Using adhesives provides extra security, is more ascetically pleasing and provides evidence if a package is tampered with.

Machinery and Application Equipment

We work with many machinery and adhesive application suppliers to be able to provide you with the best adhesives for your applications. These include Bickers, Panotec, Nordson, B+ Equipment, Meler, Robatech, Valco Melton and many others.

Point of Sale (POS) Displays

Our adhesives are perfect for producing displays, dump bins, CTU (counter-to display units) etc as the glues are stable, clean running, and can bond many difficult substrates when needed.




Example solution: Bickers XY GLUEJET system that runs both hot melt and water based adhesives. The recommend hot melt is Technomelt EM762 for great stability and ease of use and the water based adhesive Aquence 7242. Contact us for more information.



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