Pallet Stabilisation

Pallet Stabilisation using adhesives provides a cost effective and safe means of transporting goods across different locations with efficient use of space. Palletising with adhesives provides a more stable load, preventing products moving on the pallet and therefore minimising product damage. Packaging and barcodes are not obstructed or damaged by adhesive and there is no moisture trapped as with foil or film. Using adhesives in pallet stabilisation significantly reduces shrink film and interlayer costs, and the cost of disposal/recycling is minimised.

 Reasons to use adhesives:

  • Fewer materials used for interlayer
  • Less stretch film or shrink foil used
  • Smaller amounts of waste generated at final destination of pallet
  • Large cost savings
  • Improvements in sustainability
  • A range of application methods


 Example Solution

Cost Breakdown

 We have a range of products available such as Technomelt X-47, which is a rubber based solution, and Technomelt 7220-21 PS, a non rubber solution. Contact Us for more information.