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19 Jan 2022
Our range of professional hot melt sticks & guns
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13 Jan 2022
Technomelt Supra ECO - the sustainable hot melt solution for end-of-line packaging
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17 Sep 2021
Technomelt Supra Technology
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16 Aug 2021
IPCC Report & climate change – how can we do our bit?
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06 Jul 2021
Spotlight: Easyflow® Hotmelt Auto System
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20 May 2021
Troubleshooting: Optimising hot melt tank pressure
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16 Mar 2021
Interlock Adhesives Ltd introduces: Green Glue
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28 Jan 2021
Troubleshooting: Hotmelt pop opens in end of line packaging
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09 Dec 2020
Spotlight: Bio-based Adhesives
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06 Jun 2019
Technomelt SUPRA PRO - The Ultimate Foodsafe Hot Melt Adhesive
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31 Aug 2018
Micro Emission PUR Spine Adhesive
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26 Feb 2018
Difficult Applications
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01 Oct 2017
Technomelt Supra Cool 100°C Adhesive
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30 Aug 2017
Technomelt Ultra - New mPO Spine Adhesive
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08 Mar 2017
Aquence XP Labelling Adhesive
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18 Jun 2016
Tutankhamun's beard fixed using Henkel Adhesive