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Aug 15, 2022 | Cleaners, News

Adhesive cleaners help to get the most of your machine. They are quick and easy to use and are designed to get rid of residues left by adhesive that can be difficult to remove with a standard cleaner.

Here at Interlock Adhesives, we have put together a range of adhesive cleaners designed to keep your machines performing at maximum capacity and make cleaning part of regular machine maintenance.

Why use specialist adhesive cleaners?

  • Prevents char and degradation build up, improving efficiency
  • Improves machinability & reduces downtime
  • Non-hazardous – safe for operators to use
  • Improve operator safety by avoiding contact with hot surfaces

We recommend using two types of cleaner, one for external surfaces and the other for a full hot melt tank deep clean.

Residue Cleaner for external use – Safeclean3

Our Safeclean3 is a state-of-the-art product which is exclusive to us here at Interlock Adhesives. It is an effective residue cleaner designed to remove adhesives from machinery exterior.

Its highly concentrated formula softens and loosens adhesive residue for easy removal after a few minutes. Safeclean3’s non-hazardous properties make it a very versatile and resourceful product that is suitable to use in a variety of environments while optimising operator safety.

Key features:

  • A safe, non-flammable alternative to other cleaners
  • Biodegradable
  • Safe to use on all surfaces
  • Highly effective on adhesives, wax, tar, grease, uncured paint, varnish and oil-based inks
  • Available in 25kg drums, 4x5ltr drums and 6x1ltr sprays

adhesive residue cleaner

Internal Tank Cleaner – Technomelt 101

Technomelt 101 is a wax-based cleaner, which makes it excellent for use in hot melt applicator tanks including jetting systems, daubers, wheels and premelters. This cleaner is melted down in the hot melt tank or applicator and then drained, which removes char from the tanks.

Our Technomelt 101 is designed for removing EVA hot melt adhesives, generally pastillated products.

Key Features:

  • Very low in viscosity
  • Excellent in circulating through jetting systems
  • An efficient cleaner
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Available in 12.5kg boxes

tank cleaner, interlock adhesives

Interlock Adhesives specialise in providing end to end and tailored adhesive solutions. Please contact our team today to discuss your requirements.

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