Aquence XP 191

Apr 27, 2023 | Adhesives

Henkel’s water-based Aquence XP adhesives are perfect for use on glass bottles and other glass items such as jars. That’s why we’ve introduced a brand new and improved, high performance labelling grade – the Aquence XP 191!

With its benefits taking root from the Aquence XP 190, this innovative, newly developed product boasts an improved application on wet/cold surfaces, very high wet tack which helps with machinability and performance along with excellent adhesion properties. Another great benefit of Aquence XP 191 is also casein free!

Aquence XP 191 hase been designed to improve the overall all performance of your water based labelling application to reduce machine downtime and increase performance giving you the best finish possible.


Some of the key benefits include:


  • Improved cleaning of machine parts – due to its precise and clean application, this results in reduced machine downtime for easy maintenance and cleaning and higher quality bonds


  • Improved condensation water resistance (CWR), reducing the risk of labels wrinkling and tearing, meaning virtually no bonding failures


  • Improved wash-off in washing machine, meaning fast, reliable label removal


  • Long shelf life, resulting in no issues during shipment and long storage


  • High thermal stability – no change of behaviour on the line, user friendly and improved efficiency and productivity with no degradation


  • Exceptionally economic to use due to its high mileage, helping you to cut costs up to 25% compared to casein-based solutions


  • No problems during bottle washing process (e.g foaming, sedimentation or label residues)


  • Free of any animal origin material with documentation to support this (upon request)


  • No problems in waste water treatment plants, meaning no damage to the water environment


  • No critical ingredients such as zinc, borax or heavy metals, which can dramatically affect the bond of the adhesive


  • High ice water resistance (IWR) after complete drying, resulting in excellent label integrity


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