Technomelt Supra EM Pro 135

Sep 21, 2023 | Adhesives

Technomelt Supra Pro is Henkel’s innovative, market leading range of food safe hotmelt adhesives are perfect for the food and beverage industry because they are created with consumers in mind. Henkel have recently launched a brand-new product labelling adhesive as part of this range – the Technomelt Supra EM Pro 135!

This brilliant pressure sensitive product is a high impact solution for end of line packaging – combining superior food safety features and excellent processing benefits as outlined below. Technomelt Supra EM Pro 135 is perfect for most labelling applications including reel fed labelling for PET bottles with OPP and magazine fed paper labelling.

Some of the unique features of Technomelt Supra EM Pro 135 include:

  • Very good machineability, meaning high mileage and less machine downtime, saving on maintenance, cleaning and spare parts cost
  • Adhesive consumption reduction of 20-30% thanks to its low density, meaning significant potential cost savings
  • Extremely detailed food contact statement available, including triple food safety evaluations to provide peace of mind on food and beverage production lines
  • Low odour, staining and migration potential to ensure the finished product isn’t compromised
  • Performance benefits such as non-stringing/angel hair behaviours, to ensure a precise and clean application and high quality bonds – even on high speed machines
  • Optimised formulations that reduce the risk-bearing substances far below legally required limits for converters
  • High elongation capacity, which is imperative in case of bottle surface expansion and contraction caused by carbon dioxide, for example with carbonated drinks.
  • Reduced migration risk thanks to its low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), meaning no odour, no contamination and no emission
  • Transparent adhesive film which doesn’t affect the liquefied adhesive properties
  • High heat resistance and optimal thermal stability to eliminate charring and adhesive degradation, thus substantially reducing cleaning efforts
  • No sticky resins and mineral oil free, ensuring exceptional food safety and no contamination of flavours or foods
  • Easy, efficient, economical and reliable in operation, providing commercial and operational benefits such as reduced energy consumption and higher operator safety
  • Ultra low emissions helping you to reduce your carbon footprint and meet sustainability goals

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