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Aquence XP Labelling Adhesive

New casein free glass labelling adhesive range now available! The new Aquence XP range has been designed with a breakthrough polymer to make it Casein free and give the best bond possible along with many other improvements over traditional water based labelling adhesives.

Aquence XP adhesives have an incredibly high ice water and condensation resistance to provide the best possible solution for your customers while at the same time being easy to clean from machinery and, where needed, fantastic label removal properties. In production Aquence XP adhesives have high thermal stability giving you problem free production and reducing downtime. Along with Aquence XP's easy to clean properties machine downtime/cleaning time is greatly reduced meaning production out up can be increased.



Improved Processing

  • Reduction of up to 20% in adhesive usage
  • Fast and reliable label removed
  • Super easy to clean
  • High thermal stability

Reduced Complexity

  • Wide range of applications - suitable for paper and aluminium foil labels
  • Reduces the number of adhesives required
  • Longer shelf life

Lower Total costs

  • More efficient production down to increased mileage and capacity utilisation
  • Increased price stability (independent of casein market)
  • Waste management - harmless in sewage treatment facilities

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