Bio-based Adhesives

Dec 20, 2020 | Adhesives, News

More and more frequently, we are seeing added pressure to the packaging and labelling sectors to improve their carbon and plastic footprint. Packaging alone a huge industry that, according to WRAP, “of the 4.7 million tonnes used for consumer goods just under half is recycled (40-45%)”. As a result, a lot of companies are seeking out new methods that are more sustainable and cost effective with high production efficiency to create a more circular economy.

Our new green range has a bio based content that is the first step in renewable adhesives. We have partnered with Dow Chemical to formulate unique new products with a full bio-based profile, and look forward to launching these soon.

Renewable raw materials are just part of our drive to become more sustainable, with low temperature products also reducing emissions and lowering energy consumption. you will see ‘bio-based’ products being advertised on the market as the next step forward to a more sustainable future with the assumption that all bio-based adhesives are completely recyclable, this is not the case. It is part of a more circular approach – use less product, use renewables where possible, use less power, and produce less waste. We are here to help you with your sustainability goals. Our new ‘green’ adhesives are a small but critical part of the jigsaw.

Technomelt can be used on several styles of packaging such as tray forming, top and bottom case sealing, carton sealing and wraparound carton sealing. As well as the beneficial environmental impacts of using this product, it is also completely scalable for any sized production, and does not come at a costly expense to implement.

Key Benefits for using ‘green’ hotmelt adhesives in packaging:

  • Lower Consumption: Due to Technomelts density, less adhesive is required and can be used in pattern or stitch gluing
  • Sustainability: Using Technomelt adhesives can reduce overall consumption of packaging products including single use plastic, reducing our plastic footprint.
  • High Quality Performance: their properties and high density allow a high bond quality
  • Temperature Resistance: Biobased hotmelt adhesives have a versatile resistance to both heat and cold, meaning it will maintain its tac in hot ovens as well as freezing temperatures, making it ideal for the food production and supply chain.
  • Short Open Time & Fast Curing: This means that the adhesive is optimised in fast paced production environments, with high speed processing.
  • Adaptable: Technomelt hotmelts are quick simple to implement with minimum cost and is completely scalable to all size productions

At Interlock Adhesives Ltd, we offer a range of ‘green’ hotmelts that could reduce your product consumption and potential costs, while getting you one step closer to reaching your environmental goals.

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