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Difficult Applications


At Interlock Adhesives we understand that each application is different and that there are a wealth of different substrates that can be used. With a range of different boards and adhesive not always considered during the the prototype phase we have solutions to help adhere to the toughest surfaces including Metpol board, varnished areas and even plastic packaging.

What makes a surface difficult to adhere to is the lack of available fibres. Smooth surfaces such as varnished board have very few or no available fibres for adhesive to form a bond. With fewer fibres the surface area is dramatically reduced making the application even more difficult. We have several methods and products to help for a quality bond on these hard to bond substrates and get you the right solution. We have a ground-breaking product, ‘Technomelt Supra HT-350’, that combines all the benefits of our market leading Supra technology with extreme high adhesion performance.

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Product Focus -Technomelt Supra HT-350:

Technomelt Supra HT-350 is a high specification adhesive market leading for difficult applications. Technomelt Supra HT-350 uses Henkel's polyolefin polymer that lowers consumption by up to 30% compared to traditional hotmelts giving you better value per KG. Technomelt Supra HT-350 is incredibly versatile providing high heat resistance and deep freeze capability while being incredibly clean running. It has self cleaning properties, reducing machine downtime and maintenance costs such as spare parts. These benefits will improve your manufacturing process and save you money. CONTACT US today for more information on how Technomelt Supra HT-350 can help you.