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Interlock Adhesives Ltd introduces: Green Glue


Interlock Adhesives Ltd are proud to be launching a new range of new ‘Green’ adhesives designed to support sustainability objectives in consumer packaging, including an ultra-low temperature version that will run at 98c in the tank. Energy savings of up to 40% are possible through temperature reductions, and the clean running non-stringing properties make them perfect for pattern control, which can reduce consumption and cost of adhesive by up to 50%.


The new green range has a renewable bio content and is designed to be self cleaning to eliminate build up, and is incredibly stable in the tank, eliminating char that can cause nozzle blockages and downtime. It is the greenest, safest, lowest cost and most sustainable range available.


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Michael Blott, Technical Director at Interlock, says “it is the result of a total focus on how we can contribute to a more circular approach. We have reduced power, plastic, water and non-renewables in our own production processes, and have now developed a   green product range for consumer packaging that helps customers reduce waste, energy, downtime and spend - it is a complete win/win for us and our sustainable conscious customers”.



If you're keen to find out how our new 'Green Glue' can help you achieve your sustainability goals, register your interest today!