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May 15, 2023 | Industires

At Interlock Adhesives, our hotmelt adhesive solutions can be used in a huge variety of applications and industries. As a Premium Partner of Henkel in the UK, we offer the most advanced adhesives in the world which featured properties include downtime reduction, ultra clean running/self cleaning, energy consumption and reduced costs. We offer solutions for container labelling, graphic arts applications, e-commerce, pallet stabilisation, bespoke projects, specialist packaging and much more.

End of Line:-

With End of line packaging being the final step before your product is shipped to stores, we understand that you need an adhesive that will maintain high quality standards expected for your finished product. First impressions matter! We specialise in all aspects of end of line packaging, that’s why you’ll find all our adhesives are suitable for food production, have low migration, carry no hazard warning labels and all the relevant certifications such as food contact statements. Our specialist team can support in:-

  • Case and carton sealing
  • Tray erection
  • Hot melt sticks
  • Promotional packaging
  • Straw attachment
  • Food packaging and safety
  • Bespoke packaging
  • Specialist packaging
  • E-commerce


We’re also big on sustainability here at Interlock Adhesives, so we’re proud to be able to offer a wide range of cool temperature adhesives that can run as low as 100°c! Our range also boasts a wonderful carbon negative hotmelt that is manufactured with 81% ISCC certified bio-based material.


Our range of hotmelt, PUR and water-based adhesives are great for use in bookbinding and print finishing. We know it’s important to get the best possible finish for your books, our adhesives are all tried and tested to provide the best finish possible. Interlock Adhesives specialises in:

  • Side Gluing
  • Spine Gluing
  • Wrapping
  • Core Making
  • Backlining
  • Headbanding
  • Paper Wrapping
  • Add on/Add in
  • Casing in
  • Peelable Attachments
  • End Papering


These applications can be used in soft and hard cover books, magazines and catalogues and even file making!

Henkel has also designed a new innovative polyolefin spine glue and side adhesive, the Technomelt Ultra range, which can breach the adhesion gap between standard EVA adhesives and PUR. Performance along with machinability is greatly improved and lower your consumption will also be lowered.


Our low odour, low migration adhesives focus on production efficiency and sustainability, ensuring reliable bonding on a wide range of surfaces, which include aluminium foil and glass. Complete with food contact documentation, our products also include speciality adhesives to tackle ice water resistance, hyper condensation, Petcycle approval and dispensing technologies suitable for:-

  • PET Labelling
  • Plastic Container Labelling
  • Can Labelling
  • Glass Labelling



Paper Wrapping:-

Paper wrapping is increasingly being used for home mailers and e-commerce instead of polyurethane wrap. This application is a great way to reduce single use plastics, reduce costs and improve sustainability. Some of the advantages of paper wrapping include:

  • Eliminating single use plastic
  • Available from sustainable materials
  • Customisable
  • Lower cost and more flexible than boxes
  • Can cope with multiple or different sized items

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Technomelt Supra EM Pro 135

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