International Adhesive and Sealant Day

Sep 29, 2023 | News

The 29th September is International Adhesive and Sealant Day, and here at Interlock Adhesives we’re proud to supply an expansive range of adhesives – from water based to hotmelt, we have a cost effective and sustainable solution for you! Read on to find out more about our adhesive solutions.


End of Line packaging adhesives

Our end of line packaging adhesives help to maintain the high quality and standards expected of a finished product. We specialise in case and carton sealing, tray erection, straw attachment, specialist packaging, hotmelt sticks, food packaging and more. Our Technomelt Supra is one of our fantastic, market leading hotmelt adhesives that helps to achieve a superior bond with high temperature resistance. The key highlights are:

  • Low operating temperatures from 100°C, helping to save over 50% in energy usage and also increasing operator safety
  • Reduced adhesive consumption of up to 30%, enabling you to go further with the same amount of adhesive
  • Self cleaning properties, meaning reduced downtime, maintenance and spare parts spend
  • Completely food safe, with documentation available upon requestTechnomelt Supra EM Pro 135, Labelling Adhesive
  • Precise and clean application, meaning reduced cleaning effort and no stringing or cobwebbing
  • High thermal stability which eliminates char and adhesive degradation
  • High tack adhesives also available for difficult substrates such as metpol or recycled board
  • Deep freeze solutions available to ensure the integrity of frozen products

We’re also proud to be able to offer the world’s first carbon negative hotmelt adhesive, our Technomelt Supra Eco! It has a negative cradle to gate carbon footprint of -0.4419kg, is made with 81% ISCC certified renewable content and is compatible with EPRC recycling guidelines.

Find out more about our end of line packaging adhesives.


Sustainable adhesives

At Interlock Adhesives we know how important the fight for climate change is. We’re proud to be able to offer green adhesives that go the extra mile. We have:

  • Innovative pallet stabilisation adhesives that reduce single use plastic wrap by up to 90% and improves sustainabilitySustainable adhesives
  • Ultra low temperature options that can run as low as 100°C, helping to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Plastic reduction offering such as pallet stabilisation
  • The world’s first carbon negative adhesive that allows the saving of 372 tons of CO2 per year
  • Support for local charities including our environmental partner – The Community Forest Trust
  • Unique technologies that increase adhesive mileage, meaning less adhesive needs to be used to achieve the same goals

Find out more about our sustainable adhesives.


E-Commerce adhesives

With the E-Commerce industry continuing to develop, we have some fantastic new technologies to cope with some of the challenges that could arise. With many packing solutions available, finding the right adhesive is essential. We offer:

  • Tailored solutions to help you find the right adhesive for the jobE-Commerce adhesives
  • The highest quality adhesives to give you peace of mind, with no changes in formulations
  • Super low temperature options available to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Adhesives that increase production line speeds whilst reducing downtime

Find out more about our e-commerce adhesives.


Bottle Labelling adhesives

Our Aquence range of water based adhesives offers the perfect solution for bottle labelling. They are very versatile, meaning they can also be used for a variety of other applications such as paper straws and bookbinding. They are also casein free, helping you to cut costs up to 25% compared to casein based solutions.

  • Boasts excellent condensation water resistance (CWR), meaning reduced risk of wrinkled labels, tears and virtually no bonding failures Bottle Labelling adhesives
  • Contains no critical ingredients such as zinc, borax or heavy metals for safer usage, meaning fewer raw materials used
  • Patented formula to ensure superb ice water resistance and easy wash off for recycling, which helps to reduce costs
  • Improved machineability due to no stringing or splashing, thanks to its clean running properties

Find out more about our bottle labelling adhesives.


Bookbinding adhesives

We have a comprehensive range of bookbinding adhesives, both water based, hotmelt and PUR, that are structured to provide the best quality and highest performance for your production. They are perfect for hard and soft cover books, file making and magazines and catalogues. Our areas of expertise include spine and side gluing, backlining, end papering, core making and more. Our bookbinding adhesives:

  • Have high heat and ink solvent resistance, with excellent bonding strength to ensure a superior bond and fast curing    Bookbinding adhesives
  • Offer multiple technologies such as polyurethane, EVA and metallocene to offer a tailored solution which includes digital printing
  • Can help to cut costs up to 40% due to using less adhesive
  • Contain almost zero monomeric isocyanates, making exceptionally safe for operators in areas with low ventilation
  • Adhere to a variety of films including PET, PVC, PP and PE
  • Can be applied with temperatures as low as 120°C, resulting in cost and energy savings

Find out more about our bookbinding adhesives.

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