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IPCC Report & climate change – how can we do our bit?



The recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been collated by over 200 scientists, providing a summary on the global climate state and the impact greenhouse emissions our having on our planet.

An article by Jeff Tollefson on has clarified that “Earth’s global surface temperature has increased by around 1.1 °C compared with the average in 1850–1900 — a level that hasn’t been witnessed since 125,000 years ago, before the most recent ice age”

This report has highlighted the environmental crisis that we are facing and if we act now, we can work towards achieving a sustainable and greener future. To make this achievable, companies are going through changes to their production process to get that step closer to a net zero future.

Interlock Adhesives offer a greener solution to the consumer packaging sector with our ‘Green Glue’. This is a specialist synthetic adhesive, offering key benefits such as:

  • Reduced consumption. This unique technology has a high density which allows less adhesive to be used per application.
  • Improved machinability. This adhesive is extremely clean running, eliminating stringing and extra wear & tear on machinery such as blocked nozzles.
  • Reduced emissions. Due the operating temperature reaching as low as 98°C in the tank, this reduces the energy required to keep the adhesives at optimum temperature, lowering daily emissions.
  • Less waste. Due to the ‘green glue’s high-quality adhesion and clean application, this reduces the chance of rejects and minimising waste.
  • Food safe. Ideal for food and beverage packaging.

As Henkel’s partner in the UK, we are also working closely with them as they develop and test their latest Technomelt Supra ECO range of adhesive. Developed alongside Dow Chemicals, Technomelt Supra ECO will be 99% biodegradable and launches late 2021. For more information regarding our sustainability and Green Glue please CLICK HERE.


Further to the above Henkel are hosting the second Sustainability Forum on November 16-18th 2021, for further information on the event and to register please CLICK HERE.


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