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Micro Emission PUR Spine Adhesive


The latest development from Henkel in bookbinding PUR! With CLP hazard labelling introduced in 2015, many products required extra safety precautions. Bookbinding PUR labels went from black cross on an orange background to a new "exploding chest" pictogram along with adding the word "danger".


CLP Label Change


Henkel have now developed a new product range, Technomelt PUR ME, containing less than 0.1 % isocyanates which means the products do not have the "exploding chest" pictogram. This means increased operator safety in the production area and reduces the need for ventilation systems. Technomelt PUR ME also delivers an improved performance over standard PUR spine adhesives including lowering the operating temperature and reducing consumption up to 6%. Technomelt PUR ME is also versatile and can be applied through a wheel or nozzle application system. 




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