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New E-Commerce Adhesive Range – Technomelt E-COM

Feb 12, 2024 | Adhesives, Industires, News

The Technomelt E-COM is Henkel’s brand-new range of E-Commerce adhesives, specially designed for automated e-commerce applications such as paper wrapping and box sealing. The new Technomelt E-COM range is approved for many major automated packing machinery – including Seal Air (B+/SEE), CMC and Sitma. Designed to delivery amazing performance while lowering costs, Technomelt E-COM adhesives are the best option for your E-Commerce automated packing needs.

But just how can our e-commerce solutions help you?


Innovative Packaging Products

We provide adhesives for a wide range of packaging operations:

Box sealing:

The most common way to transport goods sold online is in boxes, this is a safe and secure way to move multiple orders quickly and safely. There are many box and case sealers available in the market and our Technomelt E-COM adhesive will work with them all and provide the best performance possible to ensure a smooth and clean running operation. The potential savings with Technomelt E-COM are massive as consumption is reduced and the self-cleaning properties mean not only a clean operation put lowers downtime and spare part spend. We can even lower your application temperature to include an energy saving.

Packing with automated box on demand machines such as CMC’s Cartonwrap and Gensis machines along with and SEE/B+’s I-Pack and e-Cube systems has become a great way to create right size boxes for orders cutting the wasted space in boxes and lowering packaging and transport costs. These applications require excellent performance for the hot melt adhesive uses as the memory in the board used is very high so high adhesion is needed along with excellent heat stability to prevent charring and nozzle blockages.

Technomelt E-COM E1, E2 and G3 all provide excellent performance for box closing machines such as B+ Equipment (Seal Air/ SEE). Henkel’s new Technomelt E-COM products makes use of Henkel’s vast knowledge of hotmelt adhesives and has been engineered to be the best possible product for e-commerce where longer open time and higher adhesion is needed.

Paper wrapping:

Bagging items is one of the most common solutions for e-commerce packaging. This process conventionally uses polybags; however paper wrapping is fast becoming one of the most sustainable options. Paper wrapping has been used in the magazine industry for many years and is an exceptional way of completely cutting single use plastic tapes, saving up to 40% in packaging costs!

This method requires an operator/conveyor to feed the items into the machine belt of the paper wrapping machine, which then wraps the goods with paper sealed at the seam and ends with pressure sensitive adhesive. Paper wrapping is typically used for small items such as books, shoes, clothes or consumer electronics and can be made to size, meaning little wasted space in the package and reduced shipping costs. Sitma and CMC machinery are leading the way with this innovative form of packing.

Our Technomelt E-COM G10 is currently the most advanced paper wrapping adhesive on the market. It boasts outstanding adhesion and features clear drying properties, meaning a more professional packaging appearance. Technomelt E-Com G10 uses Henkel’s unique Easyflow technology, meaning it can be vacuum transferred directly into the adhesive application tank unlike other pressure sensitive adhesives. This method helps to increase operator safety and melt rate of the adhesive, ensuring a smoother application.


Sustainable Solutions

One of the most popular ways of sealing packages is using silicon backed tape, which is expensive and even the more sustainable options hinder the recycling process. Also pressure from consumers and the need for more aesthetically pleasing packaging, many organisations are looking to become more sustainable and prove a better opening experience for customers.

Our specialised Technomelt E-COM adhesives offer a plastic free solution to secure packages during transit. This has a number of benefits such as improved appearance of packaging, better security and tamper evidence and increased structural integrity as well helping to eliminate single use plastic altogether. Using tape can also compromise the recyclability of the packaging as it can be incredibly difficult to remove during the recycling process.

For the ultimate sustainable e-commerce adhesive solution, our Technomelt E-COM G4 Eco is perfect for helping to achieve net zero carbon emission targets. For each kilo of E-COM G4 Eco used, 0.44kg of carbon is saved, compared to standard hotmelts which

have a carbon footprint of 2-3kg. This is achieved with 81% bio based material and using a mass balanced approach all independently approved by the ISCC.


New Henkel E-Commerce Range

Henkel have designed and produced five fantastic new Technomelt E-COM hotmelts specifically designed for e-commerce end of line packaging. The aim of the Technomelt E-COM adhesives is to improve performance and make sure your operation runs smoothly and this is why Technomelt E-COM is often the adhesive of choice for machine builders and application equipment suppliers such as Nordson.

Technomelt E-COM adhesives fit perfectly into Henkel’s extensive range of water based and hotmelt adhesives for premade e-commerce packaging, which are also available.

Each product brings excellent performance and reliability along with extra features, such as liquid coating, verses other hotmelts on the market. Available with all supporting documents and manufactured to the highest quality. Every grade has an independently verified recycling assessment from CHI which provides extra information important for sustainability.

Feature highlights:

  • Efficiency – Use up to 30% less adhesive
  • Excellent Adhesion – Providing extra security and tamper evidence
  • Self-Cleaning – Minimises char and prolongs the life of equipment and spare parts
  • Heat Resistance – Required for when the machine is on but not in use to reduce char
  • Sustainability – Energy saving options available reducing cost by 50%
  • Recyclability Statements – CHI Recyclability assessments provided on all grades
  • Carbon Negative Option – Technomelt ECOM G4 ECO is the first ISSC certified carbon negative adhesive

Discover our latest innovation – six meticulously designed hotmelts exclusively tailored for E-Commerce end of line packaging:

Box Closing Grades
Technomelt E-COM E1 Excellent heat stability, good performance across diverse substrate properties.
Technomelt E-COM E2 COOL Versatile, low application temperature grade enabling significant energy savings​.
Technomelt E-COM G3 High adhesion grade for high memory forces, very cohesive and difficult board.
Technomelt E-COM G4 ECO General purpose grade with a remarkable negative product carbon footprint.


Paper Wrapping PS Grade
Technomelt E-COM G10  

Excellent heat stability, long open time, highly cohesive and white product​. Can also be vacuum transferred with EasyFlow properties.




Why Interlock Adhesives?

Here at Interlock Adhesives, we have over a combined 100 years’ experience in adhesives, and we pride ourselves in offering efficient Henkel products to provide you with the adhesive application. Our experts can provide world-class technical advice – from recommending the perfect adhesive for your application to helping calculate cost savings. Based in North Lincolnshire, our warehouse stocks many products which allows us to offer a 2-3 working day delivery service, with next day and same day options available.

We offer a multitude of Henkel hotmelt adhesives that are designed with your goals in mind – From low operating temperatures to reduce energy consumption to high tack adhesives that are perfect for difficult substrates!

Our new Technomelt E-Commerce adhesives are also self-cleaning, meaning reduced machine downtime for maintenance and reduced spare part and cleaning costs. Technomelt E-Commerce also boasts excellent mileage and a consumption reduction of up to 30% (and in some cases even more), meaning you can go further with the same amount of adhesive.

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