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Spotlight: Easyflow® Hotmelt Auto System

Pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives are extremely common in a variety of consumer goods production and are typically supplied in half/whole kilo blocks. Pressure sensitive hot melts versatility to be able to apply to multiple bonding requirements as well as maximising shelf appeal makes it a clear winner for manufacturers.

One key success to any FMCG production, is to maintain a continuous line which in some cases can have several different adhesive application points. This requires multiple operators to ensure maximum efficiency is achieved, with key challenges such as:

  • Maintaining continuous flow of adhesive to the production line
  • Minimising manual handling to eliminate risk of injury or breach of health and safety regulations.
  • Maintaining consistent adhesive operating temperatures
  • Keeping work environment clean and safe

Easyflow® is a patented adhesive in small, non-sticky chubs. This special form of adhesives pairs up with an auto feeding system, which enables a continuous flow to the hotmelt tank. Previously an operator would have to manually add a block to the hot tank. This is crucial for any FMCG production line, especially seen in the manufacturing of personal hygiene products.



Maximum efficiency and increase melt time

  • Maintaining the right level of adhesives in your hotmelt tank is important as this has a knock-on effect to the tank temperature. The small Easyflow® chubs have a bigger surface area meaning the adhesive will melt much quicker. Too much adhesive can cause the temperature to drop in the tank, causing application failures and reducing the end product quality.

 Improved operator safety

  • Using Easyflow® chubs can maintain a clean working environment. Set up next to the production line, it can eliminate the need for storing boxes of adhesive next to the tank and keeping the walkways clear and hazard free, making it safer for operators.
  • Easyflow® also eliminates the need for any operator manual handling, improving operator safety and reducing labour time dedicated to refilling the adhesive tank.

 Reduced operator cost.

  • Using the Easyflow® auto filing system means less operators are required to maintain the machines tank level, reducing cost of labour.
  • Ensuring that the tank consistently has the right level of adhesives can reduce cost in energy consumption as you only use what is required without fluctuations.

This innovative system created by Henkel offers efficient and effective adhesive solutions for the FMCG market, with success specifically in the manufacturing of personal hygiene products. Partnering with Henkel means we constantly strive for the most efficient ways of working across any production line.

Should you be keen to discover how you can maximise your production with adhesives, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team today.