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Spotlight: NEW KeelClip™ Packaging Solution


Graphic Packaging International have created a new paper-based packaging solution of for cans to replace plastic equivalents. For years, the standard packaging for packs of cans has been single use plastics such as tops, rings and shrink wrap. KeelClip™ provides and environmentally friendly alternative using paper which is widely recycled and comes from a renewable source.

The flexibility of KeelClip™ accommodates a range of different shaped cans to suit all needs and does not compromise on brand presence on the shelf. The tops of the cans are covered to keep them clean and ready to drink from.

Coca-Cola have committed to removing shrink wrap from its European markets by 2021 and have invested €15m into KeelClip™ technology. Coca-Cola estimate this will save 2,000 tonnes of plastic and 3,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.


Graphic Packaging International have developed the KeelClip™ 1600 machine to deliver this new solution which requires two adhesives to create the KeelClip™ pack. These are, one to bond board to board on the top of the pack and a specialised adhesive to bond the can to board.

For the board to board bond our Technomelt Supra adhesives is the perfect solution, combining efficiency and low temperatures to create the perfect bond for KeelClip™. The clean running properties increase the longevity of machines and reduce downtime.

A specialist pressure sensitive adhesive is needed to bond the cans to board. When a can is pulled from the pack it is vital the adhesive remains attached to the pack and not the can itself to create the best user experience. Our range of Technomelt EM pressure sensitive adhesives are specifically designed by Henkel for a range of applications and is the perfect partner for KeelClip™.

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