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Spotlight: Pallet Stabilisation - The Future of Sustainable Packaging


Across the world, all industry sectors are reviewing methods to reduce their plastic footprint and to minimise waste. Every year, there is over 26 million tons of plastic waste generated across the EU, which is set to be reduced extensively by 2030 in line with current UK government targets. Businesses are constantly reviewing and innovating the way they use plastic within packaging, especially in the food industry.

Iceland have been bold in their approach and are urging other leading retailers to accept responsibility for this global crisis. The BBC has recently reported that “Iceland has made a commitment to eliminate all plastic packaging from its own-label products by the end of 2023 and says publishing its plastic footprint every year will help it achieve that goal.” Others have also joined in taking on new targets with Tesco pledging “to remove hard-to-recycle materials, including PVC and polystyrene by 2025”. To achieve these targets, they need support throughout the supply chain, which is why Interlock Adhesives are offering a solution via Pallet Stabilisation using Hotmelt adhesive.



This is an innovative method that is becoming increasingly popular across the food and beverage sector due to reduction of plastic shrink wrap. This is done by stacking goods using a small amount of adhesive to outer packaging and securing the items together as one whole unit.

Key Benefits:

  • Cost Reduction - Using adhesive requires less material per unit and on average reduces costs up to 80%
  • Reduces plastic footprint – using less material and shrink wrap per pallet reduces our plastic consumption by 90% on average
  • Scalability - This method and can be utilised by all company sizes from small SME’s to large international businesses. Including handgun applications using adhesive equipment from Nordson or Robatech and larger automated systems being available for end of line production.
  • Improved Safety – Once the pallet has been stabilised using adhesive, it remains secure even if individual items are removed. This makes it ideal in stores and supermarkets where customers can take their desired items without jeopardising their safety with risk of the pallet falling.


Pallet Stabilisation is quickly becoming the forefront of sustainable packaging, allowing business to get that one step closer to their environmental goals. As Henkel’s Premium Partner, offering standout high quality adhesives, Interlock can offer a tailored solution to fit your business model. To find out more information on Pallet Stabilisation, please visit our website or contact us today to discuss your options with our technical team.