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Spotlight: Paper Drinking Straw Manufactuing Adhesive


With more and more focus on the environmental impact of plastics, especially type 5, one of the areas in focus is the drinking straw market.

Research shows that over 500 million drinking straws are distributed daily world wide and with consumers looking for more sustainable options companies are looking for paper drinking straws to satisfy that need. This means that manufactures are looking for adhesives that can sustain long periods in liquids and meet strict food safety regulations.




Paper straws are manufactured using a core winding machine and require a small amount of water based adhesive between the paper layers. To be able to withstand immersion in liquid for 1 hour or more, the adhesive and paper substrate need to remain unbroken while being submerged.  After use, the straw needs to be recyclable. Henkel have designed and produced Aquence low migration adhesives with are completely food safe, making them perfect for the application of paper drinking straws. Aquence low migration adhesives are completely free of plasticiers, phalates, benzoates and Triacetin.




Even better the defoamers used are mineral oil free further minimising the impact on the environment. The production benefits are also major with super clean running properties downtime is reduced along with spare parts spend. High heat resistance also benefits production. Please see our infographic PDF below.


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