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Technomelt Supra ECO - the sustainable hot melt solution for end-of-line packaging

This ground-breaking product is the first of its kind and is a huge step forward in the development of adhesives for end of line packaging. This special hot melt is manufactured with 81% ISCC certified bio-based material, offering a negative cradle-to-gate product carbon footprint and contributing towards a circular economy.

This revolutionary product was created following a partnership of Henkel & Dow Chemicals and was first announced in February 2021. Since then, the product has undergone extensive testing and is now ISCC certified, food-safe & compatible with recycling according to EPRC (European Policies Research Centre) guidelines.

Stephan Hähnert spoke about the release of this new product, stating - “We are all consumers, and we can all clearly see which solutions are needed to meet our expectations for sustainability. After all, demand is the factor that guides the industry, and we see a clear need for holistic and more sustainable thinking along the value chain and ultimately deriving this into products. With our bio-based hot melt Technomelt Supra ECO range, we have the goal to motivate further innovation and establish a new standard in packaging,”

Key benefits of the Technomelt Supra ECO:

  • Equivalent CO2 savings of 372 tonnes per year – the equivalent CO2 captured by 6100 tree seedlings grown for 10 years!
  • Achieves the Technomelt Supra range performance, including their sustainable benefits such as reduced consumption
  • Certified food safe – ideal for the end-of-line packaging industry
  • Its bio-based materials are fully traceable throughout the supply chain

To find out more information, visit our Technomelt Supra ECO webpage here, or contact us to speak to our technical team by clicking on the button below.