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Technomelt Supra Technology

There are many challenges in the adhesives markets currently and it is important to maximise efficiency and reduce consumption along with meeting sustainability goals. An easy way to achieve this is to upgrade your hotmelt adhesive to Technomelt Supra.

Technomelt Supra provides:

Reduced consumption & cost

Technomelt Supra has a much higher density than your standard technologies, which allows for a much smaller quantity of adhesive to be used per application, reducing consumption and cost per unit.

In addition, reducing the consumption also reduces the demand on freight and on the environment.

Improved efficiency / Less waste

The quality of our Supra adhesives is the highest offered across the market, with high adhesion properties and varying operating temperatures & setting times – reducing the number of rejects from problems such as pop opens etc.

Due to its ultra clean running technology, our Supra range eliminates any form of stringing or excess adhesive being used.


Lower your application temperature to as low as 100°C (click HERE for more information), this uses less energy and reduces start up time and increases operator safety.  Reduce the amount of adhesive used which means less C02 from transport


Due to Interlock Adhesives long standing partnership with Henkel, we can work closely with them to ensure supply to our warehouse in North Lincolnshire where we hold our stocked grades of hot melts. For availability to our customers within 5 days as standard, with same day and next day services available

Upgrading to Technomelt Supra is a simple process which requires no change to application equipment and our experts are on hand to guide you through the process.

We currently have our Technomelt Supra technology available from our warehouse, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today to discuss how we can support you.