Technomelt Ultra

Aug 30, 2017 | Adhesives, News

Technomelt Ultra – New mPO Spine Adhesive

The new to market Technomelt 3980 Ultra polyolefin based spine adhesive for bookbinders brings Henkel’s 15 years’ experience and innovation in polyolefin based adhesives to the bookbinding industry giving many benefits over traditional EVA based hot melts.

Polyolefin hot melts provide many performance benefits over EVA based hot melts. Some of them are:

  • Increased mileage, adhesive consumption savings of up to 50%! Use far less adhesive.
  • Excellent adhesion with 20-25% greater pull strength than EVA.
  • Extremely clean running meaning less downtime and higher output.
  • Increased heat resistance, up to 75°C and down to -5°C.
  • High thermal stability.

The area that Technomelt 3980 Ultra really comes into its own is digital print. Brilliant for small and large runs with consistent high quality, binders such as Morgana, Muller Martini and their Vareo binder, Technau, Duplo and Wohlenberg all benefit from Technomelt 3980 Ultra’s advanced features.

Technomelt 3980 Ultra is the perfect upgrade from EVA without having to change any of your equipment on site. Simply drain your existing spine glue add Technomelt 3980 Ultra and away you go. Technical parameters are available below.

Check out our video below for more information:

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