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Troubleshooting: Hotmelt pop opens in end of line packaging


Does your production line suffer from regular packaging pop opens? Is there an inconsistent pattern when this problem occurs? Is it adding delays to your production and becoming a costly expense?

Pop Opens are a common problem in the packaging sector and can be a costly error. This is where cartons or casing quite literally “pop open” after coming out of the compression chamber on a production line. This is usually caused by incorrect set up for hotmelt applications and can easily be resolved. There are many variables that come into consideration when investigating the source of the problem, key problem areas are as follows:





1. Cold Failure | 2. Heat Failure | 3. Poor Compression | 4. Preset Problems

Another factor to consider is the quality of adhesives used across production. A substandard glue may require excessive consumption due to its low adhesion and operate at really high temperatures. Our key focus is to prevent this from happening and provide a bespoke and sustainable solution to our customers, using our specialist 'Supra' Technology


Here at Interlock, we offer a bespoke service to not only to provide the most efficient hotmelts on the market, but to give troubleshooting advice and guidance all while focusing on the below 3 areas: 

 Reduction in energy consumption using our ultra 'COOL' running adhesives, operating at temperatures as low as 95°C 

 Reduction in the use of single use plastics like shrink wrap via pallet stabilisation

 Food Safety - working in close partnership with Henkel to develop the highest quality food safe adhesives


To find out how we can add value to your end of line production whether it be from troubleshooting pop opens right through to improving sustainability, CLICK HERE to get in touch today and speak to a member of our technical team!