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Packaging Production

The packaging journey starts before the fulfilment stage with the production of the packing materials themselves. Adhesives are used in theses processes too.

Straight line gluing in packaging production
Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) for ready glued seals and side seams

This is the term commonly given for producing boxes and cartons ready for products to be packed into and sealed at the fulfilment stage. The type of adhesive mostly used for this process is water based but hotmelt adhesive can also be used in packaging production.

Our range of Aquence water-based adhesives have been designed and produced with quality as the main objective so projects can be completed quickly and efficiently to the highest standard.

Key benefits are:

  • Improved food safety with excelling low migration properties
  • Compliance with all current directives
  • Sustainable consumer protection
  • Reduces CO2 up to 40%
  • Excellent machine performance

For glued seals for polybags, padded envelopes, and boxes where a backer is pulled of later to form a seal, pressure sensitive adhesive is used for this. It is paramount for the shipped product to arrive safely and securely, and needs to provide the best possible opening experience for customers. For this the adhesive used need to provide excellent tamper evidence but not be difficult for customers to open. Henkel’s Technomelt pressure sensitive adhesives provide just that.

Another area to consider for the pressure sensitive adhesive is returns. With roughly 25% of packages delivered being returned, there is a massive challenge for packaging producers to design packaging that can be repurposed for returns. It has become the standard to include a resealing strip in the primary packaging to enable the customer to easily return a product in the original packaging. This provides the best experience to customer as they don’t have to worry about the availability of tape.

Key features of Technomelt pressure sensitive adhesives are:

  • Provides a strong flexible bond to cope with logistics with a variety of substrates
  • Temperature resistance to both hot and cold environments
  • Provides strong tamper-evidence for all packages
  • Improved opening experience for consumers through coupling with a tear strip
  • Perfect for providing return seals using the same adhesive
  • Excellent machinability for a range of packing and application equipment
  • Improves sustainability and ease of recycling, especially against tape

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