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Converting from Tape

Converting from tape to hot melt adhesives has many major advantages in addition to large savings on consumables. While both hot melt adhesive and tape are capable of creating a bond and sealing a case, only hot melt adhesive systems deliver superior:

  • Cost Savings
  • Safety
  • Tamper-Evidence
  • Seal Quality
  • Operation
  • Structural Integrity
  • Ease of Maintenance—Reduced Downtime

Interlock makes conversion from tape to hot melt adhesive sealing cost-effective and seamless. The cost of different sealing methods can vary widely depending upon the length of the case, line speed and the price charged per kg of adhesive or roll of tape. While tape sealing may initially appear to be less expensive, hidden long-term costs can quickly erode any perceived savings.

The “hidden” costs of tape sealing:

  • Lost productivity and operator time replacing empty tape rolls.
  • Increased material costs due to unusable tape rolls that have been damaged.
  • Increased equipment expense to purchase additional tape machines in an effort to keep up with increasing line speeds.
  • Increased downtime and parts costs associated with frequent maintenance of tape heads.
  • Tape requires special storage and handling
  • Tape cracks or loses adhesion properties in cold, hot or humid conditions.
  • Tape cores and edges can be easily damaged during transport.

Hot melt sealing keeps up with increased production, reducing investment costs:

Interlock hot melt systems can easily accommodate an increase in line speed without additional hot melt equipment. Sealing 40 cases a minute is as easy as sealing five cases a minute, and even random size cases can be sealed automatically without additional expense.

Tape sealing systems are limited. As line speed increases, the tension placed on tape can cause it to break and buckle, slowing production. Increasing speeds usually requires more durable and expensive tape and tape heads or additional tape systems.

Hot Melt Adhesive Bonds Deliver Superior Structural Integrity and Seal Quality:

Getting products to market requires cases to withstand extreme temperatures and humidity changes, abusive handling, potential tampering and rigid stacking and transportation requirements. Failure in one of these areas could result in damaged products and subsequent credit claims.

Structural Integrity:

Hot melt adhesive, which penetrates the fibres of most board stock, is applied directly to case flaps, creating a strong, rigid bond resulting in a case that remains square and sturdy at all times.

Tape does not penetrate board fibres and only bonds the two external flaps, leaving the internal flaps loose. This weakens the load-bearing capacity of the case, increasing the potential for costly product damage during transport.


Hot melt adhesive seals will cause the fibre to tear if any attempt is made to open the case before it reaches its destination, providing superior tamper-evidence and product protection.

Tape can be sliced with a knife. The products can be tampered with and the case resealed without the consumer’s knowledge. Tape provides inferior tamper evidence and product protection.

Package Appearance:

Hot melt adhesive seals are hidden under the flaps and provide a clear surface to display expensive company logos and promote brand images.

Tape seals detract from and cover company logos limiting the effectiveness of brand images and messages. Clear tapes are more expensive. Tape seals can produce a “flypaper” effect. Static inside the case charges corrugated and dust particles which then attach to the adhesive backing on the tape seal. Retailers see this as “dirt” on the product inside and return the cases to the manufacturer.

Cost Example:

Based on one case size:
With tape = £0.00311 per case
With adhesive = £0.00218 per case
Saving per week at 15 cases/min = £66.96

Total annual saving: £3,482

Above saving is on material only, also consider:

Time saved in not having to change tape rolls.

Downtime due to snapped tape.

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