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Converting to mPO

The change from EVA based to mPO (Mettalocene) based adhesives is an important development, with our Technomelt Supra products delivering lower adhesive usage and lower maintenance costs. For more information please see our mPO page.

Previously degraded and charred adhesive will be generally dislodged, as well as various other impurities such as paper fibres, dust etc, which adhere to the tank walls and inside the hoses. We at Interlock Adhesives will be able to assist you in order to ensure a smooth change over to Technomelt Supra.

It is very important to clean your machine, inside the tank, manifold and hoses as the EVA and mPO have different chemical makeups and don’t mix. We have a range of appropriate cleaners which will aid you in the process, please contact us for further information. We have produced the following procedure to guide you through the changeover. This is a general guide and machines may differ. This is your responsibility but please contact us with any questions and we will be happy to help.

  • Reduce pump pressure to 0 bar.
  • Empty the tank via the drain valve while slowly increasing the pump pressure to max 1 bar. Avoid mixing Technomelt Supra with the previous adhesive as much as possible.
  • Remove any carbonised material from the tank with a wooden/plastic spatula and clean the tank thoroughly.
  • Do not use metal tools as this could damage the tank coating.
  • Remove the filter and check the condition. If filters need replacing please consult the tank manufacturer.
  • Fill the tank with new Technomelt Supra adhesive and melt with pump pressure of 0 bar.
  • Push enough new adhesive through the filter chamber until clean adhesive appears, insert filter while the valve is open.
  • Reduce temperatures by 30-40°C with a pressure of 1 bar.
  • Remove hoses from application heads. Re-install heads only if clean adhesive is present. Individually drain each hose and application head.
  • Rinse the whole system without nozzles.
  • The installation of an inline filter in front of each nozzle is recommended to complement the cleaning benefits of Technomelt Supra. Initially, the filter should be changed more than usual to filter out any dislodged particles to avoid nozzle blockages.
  • Install nozzle and set your recommended operating temperatures.

We recommend that you clean your system 2-3 months after the change over to remove any dislodged char etc. We would be happy to advise you on your specific requirements and to guide you through the changeover, please contact us.

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