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Food Safety

At Interlock Adhesives food safety is of the utmost importance to us. We ensure that all our adhesives used in food and drink production are 100% safe and free from any hazards. Hot melt is the most versatile and efficient technology for packing applications. When compared to other bonding methods hot melt offers higher production speeds, lowered material costs and an improved operator experience. Hot melt also provides adhesion to a wider range of materials and substrates.

Food Safe Adhesives

Our hot melt packaging adhesives are food safe and carry no hazard warning labels giving you complete peace of mind. We also have low migration water-based adhesives to help stop cross-contamination. Our hot melts have direct food contact approval (Regulation (EU) No 10/2011), providing extra security and peace of mind. In 2019 Henkel produced a range of mineral oil free adhesives call Technomelt Supra Pro. Technomelt Supra Pro adhesives are highly engineered to provide the best performance possible while dramatically reducing the risk of migration into the foodstuff. For more information on Technomelt Supra Pro please CLICK HERE.

Low Migration

Minimising migration is a key element of food safe packaging. Migration is the transfer of substances between two phases, that means from the packaging into the food and vice versa.

Migrating substances can come from the foodstuff and from any packaging component. Since the focus is often on paper, cardboard or foil, adhesives are sometimes referred to as the “forgotten layer”. Migration of substances can lead to contamination of food (migrating from the packaging to the product), as well as to food loss (migrating out through the packaging).

With chemical migration coming to the forefront of packaging safety it is important to consider this when deciding on adhesives. We have developed a range of low migration products which have had harmful components, such as plasticisers, removed. Contact us for more information. We have solutions for both water based and hot melt adhesives.

food safety infographic

Interlock Expertise

It is important to provide support in all areas of the food production process and not just the adhesives. We pride ourselves on providing that complete solution in all key areas:

We are available to walk you through the complex world of adhesives and make everything simple for you. All our adhesives can be supplied with an MSDS and Food Contact Statement (FCS), further to that Henkel has FSSC and ISO accreditation. We’re available for on-site support with audits and trials and we’re able to provide food contact statements for our adhesives. We also have laboratories that can carry out toxicological examinations and detect migration risks to aid in the development cycle.

Product Innovation
With many market-leading innovations over the past decade such as Supra and Supra Pro technology and super low hot melt application temperatures. We will continue to innovate and push the limits of adhesives so you will have peace of mind knowing you have the best adhesives for you.

Training and Education
At Interlock Adhesives, we are committed to making sure your operators are aware of any risks and have all the information they need to run your adhesive smoothly. We can provide training for operators and any stakeholders.

View our Food Safety Infographic:

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