Safety & Advice

Operator Safety

The heath and safety of operators is of the utmost importance in today's production environment. At Interlock Adhesives safety is a part of everything we do,  and our adhesives ranges include low temperature options which reduces the risk of severe burns.  As a customer we can provide support with any health and safety issues and questions you may have quickly and professionally.


Technology Developments

Across our range we are constantly improving our adhesives with operator safety at the forefront. We have super low temperature adhesive options available to you which bond as low as 95°C. Not only are they cost saving, the benefit to operators is significant, and can prevent serious injury.

Health and Safety Advice

We keep up to date with all latest heath and safety developments and can provide best practice for on the line safety including how to address hot melt burns. If you require any material safety data sheets (MSDS) please contact us.


We offer our customers support with specialist advice and training from our technical team to ensure your operators are clear on best practice. Visit our Training and Audits page for more information.


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