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At Interlock Adhesives, we are fully committed to bringing you an in-depth and tailored training and auditing service for your adhesive requirements. This includes technical support for any adhesive changeovers, staff training and full audit troubleshooting to maximise your production capabilities using adhesives. 


Training is essential for operators so that they’re fully prepared for any scenario to minimise downtime and maximise efficiency. We have several training options which will benefit all with the aim of improving your production which are delivered by one of our highly experienced adhesive specialists. Below are some examples of what we can offer on site or off site:

Training Course
Recomended for
Topics Covered
Introduction to Adhesives
Half day
Day to day operators
• Terminology
• Best Practice
• Principles of Adhesion
• Basic Troubleshooting
• Safety
Intermediate Adhesives
Full day
• Terminology
• Best Practice
• Principles of Adhesion
• Environmental factors
• Adhesive selection
• Troubleshooting, Problem solving
• Test methods
• Safety
Advance Adhesives Course
2 Day
Packaging Technologists
Advanced Training Session covering all the topics in the intermediate package but in much greater depth.


Audits are key to making sure your operation is running as efficiently as possible. This involves one of our experts coming on-site and looking at all aspects of your adhesive application and producing a comprehensive report with a list of recommendations which will save you money and look to lower your adhesive usage. This includes any testing we may need to carry out in our state of the art laboratory. We look at all aspects of the adhesive application process including:

  • Adhesive application
  • Adhesive usage
  • Application equipment
  • Substraights
  • Safety

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